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Derek S. Wild, Esq.


Derek S. Wild is a native of Rochester, New York.

Mr. Wild has dedicated his practice to Criminal Defense. In his practice, Mr. Wild represents clients accused of a wide variety of crimes, from minor violations to serious felonies. He prides himself on aggressively defending his clients both inside and outside the courtroom. Mr. Wild has an unwavering belief that every client, no matter the accusation, must be considered innocent until proven guilty. This belief allows him to tirelessly advocate for his clients to get the most favorable outcome possible under the law.

Mr. Wild graduated Cum Laude from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a BA in Political Science and a concentration in Public Law. He graduated from Syracuse University College of Law (SUCOL) where he served in the following capacities:

Vice-Justice Phi Alpha Delta legal fraternity
President of the SUCOL Federalist Society
SUCOL Criminal Defense Law Clinic
Internships with the Monroe County District Attorneys Office and William Farr Law

Prior to pursuing his private practice, Mr. Wild worked for a Criminal Defense firm with a strong focus on DWI law, where he handled hundreds of cases in New York courts. He attended the National College for DUI Defense Summer Session at Harvard Law School.  Mr. Wild is a member of the NY State Bar Association, the Monroe County Bar Association, and the National College for DUI Defense. He is also a member of the American Academy of Trial Attorneys and was chosen as a Premier 100 Trial Attorney in 2015.

More important than awards, memberships and affiliations, Mr. Wild understands that when YOU are charged with a crime, YOUR life is on the line.  He will listen to your situation, he will ask you for your priorities and he will explain your options to you in language you can understand. He will also give you a realistic assessment of those options. Finally, he will help you navigate through our complex legal process and be a fierce, results oriented advocate to get the best possible outcome for you. 

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Getting arrested can be a frightening and frustrating experience.  Not only can it impact relationships with your family, friends, and employers; your liberty is at stake.  It is important to retain an experienced criminal defense attorney who will listen to you, fight for you, and protect your rights.  From traffic infractions to violent felonies, Derek S. Wild, Esq. handles it.  Below are just some of the types of cases he handles:

  • Alcohol Related Offenses
    • DWI/DWAI
    • DWAI/Drugs
    • Vehicular Assault/Homicide 
  • Assault
  • Burglary
  • Drug Crimes
    • Criminal Possession or Sale of a Controlled Substance
    • Criminal Possession or Sale of Marijuana (Marihuana)
  • Gun Related Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • Theft Related Crimes
    • Grand Larceny
    • Petit Larceny
    • Robbery
  • Vehicle and Traffic Offenses
  • White Collar Crime

Endorsements and Reviews

Straight Foward...No Surpises

"Derek is a well informed, thorough attorney. He has immense experience, that forwards him the ability to have the entire case well planned out. He is very upfront and provides a lot of insight. There are no surprises with Derek, and he'll tell it like it is...Good or Bad. For me, the case resolved with the best possible outcome. He continued to counsel me, even after his case obligations (to me) had ended. He is very pleasant and professional. I would recommend him to anyone in need of a well versed attorney A++++"  (from avvo.com)

Aggressive Attorney with Proven Results

"Derek is an aggressive get results attorney, the out come on my case was very important as I am a professional in the HR field and couldn't have a felony or misdemeanor on my record. Derek was able to plead my case down to a DWAI (a traffic violation), I am more than satisfied with the result of my case and would HIGHLY recommend Derek in the future."  (from avvo.com)

Best attorney ever

 "I cannot express my gratitude for the compassion ,defense and professionalism given to me in my case. I have my life back and can sleep at night thanks to Mr Wild .he was there every step for ME!"  (from avvo.com)

First Time Needing Lawyer

"When I needed him he was there, when I asked questions he answered them honestly and ethically. He represented me and was prepared for court each time, he was never late and always told me what to expect and it held true for each situation. This was my first experience with the legal system and I was in good hands each step of the way. I listened to his advice and did what he recommend and my situation ended up with the best possible outcome I could have asked for. I'm was extremely happy with his service and would recommend them to others in the community."  (from avvo.com)


 "Derek did a great job. I was facing my 5th DWI and 1 and a third to 3 in a third in prison when Derek decided to take the case to trial where he drew the jury to reasonable doubt and I was convicted of a lessor charge and found guilty of refusing the breathalyzer, and a $500 fine with a $255 surcharge. Overall I kept my job and was able to put my life back together with serving 15 days inside..."  (from avvo.com)


 "Mr. Wild is a great attorney. I was very nervous with my DWI and he was there to answer every question. he put me at ease. I caught my first DWI and Mr Wild fought for me taking it to trial. He got me off on a technicality. I would definitely chose him as an attorney. He will do wonders for you"  (from avvo.com)
Derek Wild

 "After being arrested for DWI, Derek represented me. He was very professional respectful and informative. I would recommend him to anyone in need. I was found not guilty by a jury and could not be more happy with the results. Thank you Derek!"  (from avvo.com)  

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